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Nikki Smith



James Dean, '59



Dear Alumni:


It has been my pleasure to work with this incredible group. From our Board to our alumni volunteers to our general membership, you remind me and all of our staff, students, parents, and community that cares about Portage Central High School and, most importantly, our students, don’t stop with the diploma. Over the past several years, whether it was the brick program during the construction of our new building or the sock hop to close the old one, you, our alumni, have pitched in to make this place better. And it certainly is.


Because of your donations, we now have all of our graduation composite photos, dating back to 1924, on display in the building, and we have room for them for the next 80 years. All of our conference championship photos have been reprinted behind a protective layer and are on display in the building and will be for years to come. All of this is because of your support.


Once the Mustang Association got underway in the Spring of 2011, you have shifted gears to help the students directly. This past year, your donations helped support our Student Council, our Student Ambassadors, and various other programs in the building. This is on top of all the wonderful events the Association already runs like a craft show, the Alumni reception, and an All-Class Reunion, and the upcoming “Last Night Under the Lights” to celebrate the last time on the old McCamley field before it is rebuilt. We are one community, and we want to make sure we spend time together like one.


Over the next several years, you will see growth out of the Association, and we cannot wait for you to be a part of it if you are not already. In fact, we need you. Joining the Mustang Association says to fellow alumni, our students, and our community that you support current and future Mustangs in their education and are willing to come alongside them to help ensure their success. As an alum, you’ve no doubt benefited from the education you received at Portage Central, and like all of us, at some point in your life, the help from someone who has “been there before.”


This is your opportunity to be that person to all of our current students. Thank you for considering joining the Mustang Association. We would love to have your support!



Nikki Smith

Director, The Mustang Association

Director, Student Activities

Portage Central High School

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