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Making A Difference


We are proud and honored to have so many outstanding people dedicated to student success at Portage Central High School. Alumni and community members offer their time, talent and financial support to make sure students have the best opportunities.





On April 29, 2015, Portage Central High School celebrated with longtime teachers and school leaders Bob Walker and Kathy Mulay and their families welcomed the creation of our newest senior award; the Walker/Mulay Student Activities Award. The award goes to one male and one female graduating senior every year who has exemplified the values of being a Mustang, something Bob and Kathy did throughout their careers here in the areas of student leadership and the arts at Portage Central. Families, school and community leaders, alumni, and fellow staff came together to dedicate the award named in honor of Bob and Kathy.


Stop in and see the winners of the award every year for yourself! The Walker/Mulay Award winners will be included in a new award recognition wall honoring the contributions of outstanding seniors to the school during their time here. This wall was made possible in large part due to the contributions of members like you via a large donation by the Mustang Association.


Join all of us in congratulating Bob and Kathy for their significant contributions to Portage Central and for giving our students, now and in the future, positive role models to follow.

Kathy Mulay and Bob Walker Award

Kathy Mulay and Bob Walker

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