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Portage Central High School


Portage Central High School opened officially to the community on Friday, August 26, 2011. The grand opening celebration culminated in more than four years of planning, construction, and hard work to make the new building possible. 


In November of 2007, the Portage community committed to helping fund a $119 million bond to construct Portage Central and renovations to Portage Northern High School and two new elementary schools, 12th Street and Lake Center. The bond set a new direction for Portage Central, which served as the District’s first separate high school in 1949.


The $41 million school broke ground on May 22, 2009, and took a little more than 19 months to build. It features a state-of-the-art 

media center with a coffee shop, welcome center, a large commons area for dining, the latest classroom technology with 65-inch LCD screens and a lightspeed voice enhancement system, and expanded non-instructional space for student council, yearbook, and newspaper groups.



Construction Facts

• $41 million construction and site cost • 19 months to complete • 560 working days for completion • 420,000 working hours • 5,300 yards of concrete • 200 tons of steel • 400,000 concrete blocks • 150,000 bricks • 1,305 yards of grout • 151 miles of electrical wire • 72 miles of data cable • 160,000 squares of ceiling tiles • 24 miles of wire ties

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